• Healing Garden

  • As part of our commitment to care for the mind, body and spirit, Littleton Adventist Hospital has introduced the half-acre Hewit Foundation Healing Garden to be enjoyed by the community, our patients and staff and their families.


    Featured in the Hewit Foundation Healing Garden at Littleton Adventist Hospital are a host of smaller more intimate gardens, each designed with a specific purpose:



    The Fountain Garden is a small, enclosed space designated for personal reflection. Large rocks and a variety of plants inhabit this peaceful space that includes a tiered waterfall. Stone benches allow for a place to rest and relax, removing yourself from the bustle of the surrounding activities.


    The Sanctuary is designed as a small space for patients and visitors to gather and share thoughts. Stone benches are scattered throughout the designated area as a place for rest. Closely grouped trees create a shaded comfortable environment, encouraging interaction between visitors.


    The Whisper Garden is a place to persuade children to talk about their feelings, experiences, hopes and fears. This garden has a special interactive feature: a glowing whisper wall. As children speak onto one side of the wall their voice reverberates to the other side of the wall, stimulating panels that display words of encouragement. Whisper flowers mirroring the same concept are also scattered throughout the area for children to speak into.



    The Raking Garden is a place for adults and children to interact. An enclosed area of beach sand sprinkled with large rocks creates a place for play and creation. 


    Perspective Point is a large knoll with dramatic rock outcroppings. As the most prominent piece of the garden, Perspective Point is a place to view the entirety of the Healing Garden, as well as gain perspective of life's offerings. Large tufts of grass surround two benches giving visitors a place to rest and take pleasure in the fresh air and sunshine.








    Opportunities are available to purchase dedicated garden features such as a stone bench, brick or whispering wall flower. For more information contact Marble Jones at 303-715-7608.






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