• Academic Institution Responsibilities - Clinical

    1. Please ensure that your Academic Institution has a current Cooperative Education Agreement with Centura. To verify or set up an agreement, please contact the Centura Business Support Assistant: Angela Shopp, angelashopp@centura.org or 303-804-8225.
    2. Littleton Adventist Hospital uses the student platform/website, https://myClinicalExchange.com   for requests.  Requests for nursing student placements are typically submitted by February 15th for the following August through July academic year. 
    3. Placement will be confirmed or denied based upon the hospital's ability to effectively manage and meet the student needs.
    4. A minimum of six weeks prior to an approved clinical placement, the Academic Institution must complete and verify the compliance data for students on mCE. Once the information is complete for all students their Meditech Codes will be requested.
    5. A minimum of six weeks prior to the start of an approved clinical placement, please send an attestation for the clinical instructor.  The instructor Meditech Code will be requested at that time.
    6. Prior to the placement start date, please have the instructor review our  Instructor Responsibilities and the students review our Student Responsibilities .
    7. No student placement shall begin without prior confirmation from Littleton Adventist Hospital.

    Important! Failure on the part of the Academic Institution to provide this contractual documentation in myClinicalExchange will jeopardize your student placements.


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