• Colorado Life

  • Colorado's mild temperatures and postcard scenic living are two reasons Colorado is considered a destination state. 

    Life in Colorado, whether you chose the bustling and electric metro Denver area, the family-oriented suburbs, quaint and historic Southern Colorado, or our majestic mountain areas, there is something for everyone. 


    Outdoor enthusiasts you've found your playground!  One of the few places you can golf and ski on the same day!  Everything from hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, running, biking, kayaking, fishing, camping, hunting, sport racing, boating, to farmers markets, cultural festivals and social networks of all kinds abound.  Colorado has the largest park system in the nation and has the 2nd largest theater/events center in the nation at  the Denver Performing Arts Complex as well as smaller theater companies throughout the state .

    Enjoy the largest and most acoustically perfect outdoor amphitheater Redrocks for music and shows just minutes from metro Denver. 

    You'll be surprised at the caliber of dining and shopping for those with impeccable taste.

    The only state with professional teams in each major sport .  Home to the Denver Broncos - football, The Avalanche - hockey, The Denver Nuggets -basketball, Colorado Rapids - soccer, the Denver Outlaws - lacrosse, and the Colorado Rockies - baseball. 

    Colorado is known for having a friendly, integrated, diverse population that boasts the healthiest in lifestyles and most highly educated in the nation.

    To learn more about the fantastic lifestyle of Colorado please visit the following sites for information including housing and economic resources.

    Colorado: www.colorado.com

    Denver:   www.denverchamber.org

    Littleton: http://www.littletongov.org/

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