• Instructor Responsibilities - Clinical Instructor

  • A clinical instructor may be an academic institution supplied clinician overseeing a cohort of students, a clinical scholar, or academic faculty assigned oversight of clinical senior practicum students.

    • If you are a new clinical instructor to Littleton Adventist Hospital, please contact LAHStudentPlacement@centura.org  a minimum of 30 days prior to your scheduled student placement:.

    MEDITECH is the EMR utilized at our facility. Instructors must complete Centura Health Meditech Training prior to teaching in our facility. Please:

    • Contact  LAHStudentPlacement@centura.org to request your Centura Meditech code. Your 4 digit identifier or the last 4 of your SS# must be on the Instructor Attestation sent to the LAH Student Placement Coordinator, prior to your code request.  Please send information to the school student placement coordinator, so they can send a completed attestation for you.
    • To schedule a Meditech class, please contact Beverly Collins, the Centura IT Training Specialist, at   beverlycollins@centura.org   or 303-765-6489

    Prior to clinical placement:

    • For every rotation you are instructing, you will receive an Instructor Confirmation email from LAHStudentPlacement@centura.org . If you have not received this confirmation email, please contact LAHStudentPlacement@centura.org  or 303-734-2198.
    • Contact the unit manager and/or educator as outlined in your Instructor email confirmation. Introduce yourself and discuss the student expectations and clinical goals. Please share the course outline/syllabus.
    • Make arrangements with the unit manager and/or educator to complete the First Day Instructor Safety Orientation Check Off List for each unit you will be working on. If you have taught prior placements at LAH, verify with  LAHStudentPlacement@centura.org  that we have a current form on file. Must be for each department.  A department may include several units. (OB includes 3N & 3S, only one form needed)  This document must be renewed each year.    
    • Provide completed LAH Clinical Student Notice to manager and/or unit educator for posting on the unit. Return to the LAH Education Department at the end of the rotation. This form may be faxed to: 303-734-8790.
    • Clinical instructors for OB, Nursery, Pediatric, and ICU rotations will require badge security access. You will receive this information in your instructor confirmation email.
    • Read and follow the Centura Health Centura Student Experience with LAH Addendum .
    • Review Student Parking (same as Associates/Volunteers) locations using the Littleton Hospital Map .
    • Review the Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals    in preparation for discussion with your students.
    • Review the attached Power Point for My Clinical Exchange, describing instructor capabilities and responsibilities.  Please contact the school you are teaching for, with any questions.
    • Complete the PYXIS Tutorial on a unit-based PYXIS machine and print the completion confirmation certificate. Present your completion certificate to the second floor pharmacy M-F 0630-1500.  PYXIS Codes will only be distributed after the completion certificate has been received by the pharmacy. Make an appointment as directed above.
    • The day prior to each clinical shift, INSTRUCTORS MUST COME TO THE HOSPITAL to make patient assignments to students. This must happen!


    On the first day in the facility:

    By NOON on the first day in our facility, instructors are responsible for completing and delivering:

    **For rotations beginning on a Saturday or Sunday, or after 3 p.m. on weekdays, fax all completed instructor documents to 303-734-8790 or hand deliver by noon the next business day.

    Additional Instructor Responsibilities:

    • Check in weekly with unit leadership to discuss any issues or concerns.
    • Low census may require occasional redistribution of students. The Phone List-LAH provided with your Instructor Confirmation E-mail , will assist you with planning additional placement opportunities. Please plan ahead and make sure that only one student is assigned per nurse. Please be aware that Practicum Students have priority. If a practicum student is assigned to a nurse on your unit, you will need to reassign your student to a different nurse or make alternate arrangements using the Phone List-LAH. This must happen.  A negative unit moral and negative evaluations stem from nurses having more than one student.
    • Complete the   Instructor Evaluation of Clinical Experience online at the end of your rotation. For your convenience this is an online survey that takes only a short time and will submitted electronically to the education office.

    Please contact LAHStudentPlacement@centura.org or 303-734-2198 with any questions.

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