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  • Thank you for your interest in Centura Health as a potential site for performing a physician assistant student, advance practice nursing student, medical student or residency rotation.  Please review the items below for the completion of the application, addendum items, and for our policies respective to rotations.  An affiliation agreement between your academic institution and Centura Health must be in place prior to accepting any rotation application.  For clarification, it is the responsibility of the student and the academic institution to set up the rotation with a physician.  We do not provide placement.  All documentation indicated below must be received by the appropriate Centura Health Medical Staff Services Department at least 15 days prior to the start of the requested rotation date.   Failure to provide this information 15 days in advance shall result in postponement or delay in beginning the rotation.  Rotations cannot begin until the application and all supporting documentation have been received, reviewed and approved by each facility's respective Chief Medical Officer.  If your request for rotation is approved, you will be given official notification with additional instructions regarding orientation requirements, which can be found in the rotation policy.

    It is the student/resident's and/or program coordinator's responsibility to obtain all appropriate signatures and documentation to support their application as follows:

    1. Legible government-issued identification such as a driver's license or passport.  (For hospitals that issue a temporary ID badge for their rotations, students will be requested to present an actual physical copy for verification.) 
    2. Current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification or other certification as required for role.
    3. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) training for infection control, fire safety, and environment of care or successful completion of the OSHA quiz (attached in Appendix A), if attestation letter does not verify OSHA training.
    4. Tuberculosis (TB) testing, influenza vaccination (or valid signed medical exemption), and other immunizations as may be required by the Centura Health's hospital's respective occupational health department.  Influenza vaccinations or valid medical exemptions are required for any student rotation scheduled from September 1st through March 31st of the following year in accordance to the Centura Health Influenza Policy.  Students and residents will be required to pursue vaccination at their own costs outside of Centura Health.
    5. Letter of good standing from the academic institution to include an attestation or actual copies of any criminal background check conducted by the academic institution prior to the request for rotation. The letter of good standing can be accepted in lieu of an actual training program director signature on the Rotation Application. 
    6. For residents, current Colorado training license number on application or actual copy of training license.
    7. Where facility requires, academic course guidelines
    8. The signature of an identified Medical Staff Sponsor and/or Teaching Attending with appropriate privileges at the Centura Health Hospital where the rotation is taking place.  It is the clinical student/resident/academic institution's responsibility to have made appropriate arrangements for supervision/sponsorship with a Medical Staff Preceptor or Teaching Attending. 
    9. Meditech Subscriber Agreement, if the rotation is greater than twenty-one (21) days in length. (Signature page only is preferred.)

    It is advised that if you are rotating with more than one Centura hospital that you notify us of this information at the time that you submit your application for rotation or forward your application packet to the Centura hospital you are interested in conducting the rotation at.   Should you have any questions regarding the application form, addendum items, or policy, please contact the LAH Medical Staff Services Department listed below.


    Centura Health Hospital Phone   Fax
    Avista Adventist Hospital  (303)673-1270 (303)673-1238
    Porter Adventist Hospital (303)778-2552  (303)778-5650
    Littleton Adventist Hospital  (303)734-2064  (303)738-2599
    Parker Adventist Hospital (303)269-4042 (303)269-4041
    Castle Rock Adventist Hospital  (720)255-2541  (720)255-2543
    St. Anthony's Hospital  (720)321-1720 (720)321-1711
    St. Anthony's North  (303)430-6000 Residency
    St. Anthony's Summit  (970)668-2872  (970)668-9757
    St. Thomas More  (719)285-2326  (719)285-2355
    St. Mary Corwin  (719)557-3755 (719)557-4762
    Mercy Durango Medical Center (970)764-1200  (970)764-3339
    Penrose St. Francis (719)776-5114 (719)776-2580



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