• Our Standards of Behavior

  • Associates hired at Littleton Adventist Hospital are expected to live by the Standards of Behavior that further support the Mission and Values of the Adventist Health System sponsor.

    These standards include:


    • Treat everyone as you wish to be treated.
    • Explain the procedure / plan of care so that those involved know what to expect.
    • Offer explanations, not excuses; apologize for delays, inconveniences or mistakes.
    • Escort patients, residents and guests to their destination, rather than pointing the way.
    • Park in designated associate parking areas. Leave the best parking spaces for our patients, residents and guests.
    • Listen without interrupting when someone is upset.
    • When practical, take the stairs and leave the elevators for patient / resident related activities.


    • Smile, make eye contact and greet everyone in a friendly manner.
    • Introduce yourself and wear your ID badge on your upper chest so that your name and photo are visible.
    • Answer telephones promptly and cheerfully (smile when you speak); identify yourself and your department.
    • Take time to listen carefully and ask appropriate questions.
    • Take appropriate measures to protect others' privacy.
    • Inform patients and their families of the service they will receive and the expected time frame.
    • Knock before entering a room and identify yourself, your position and purpose for visiting.
    • Before leaving a patient / resident room or treatment area, ask your guest if they would like their door or curtain closed.


    • Speak positively about other people, departments and the entire organization.
    • Take responsibility for problems and their solutions.
    • Anticipate the impact of changes on others and work to minimize any negative effects.
    • Limit communication about others to those who 'need to know.'
    • When necessary, discuss patients / residents and their care away from public areas.


    • Respect the cultural differences and beliefs of others.
    • Encourage the spiritual dimension of care in the workplace.
    • Support the spiritual needs of patients, residents and their families.


    • Carefully consider your use of material, time, financial and human resources.
    • Carefully use and maintain equipment and resources to ensure safety.
    • Do your part to keep your work area and facility neat and presentable.
    • Be accountable for your actions; don't blame others.


    • Be innovative, approach your work creatively and continuously look for new ways to solve problems. 
    • Encourage and implement others' ideas to improve safety, customer service and operational performance.


    • Encourage and praise others for work well done.
    • Follow professional appearance policies for your division / site.
    • Demonstrate a willingness to go beyond your job description and 'go the extra mile' for others.
    • Develop yourself and others, personally and professionally.
    • Commit yourself to accuracy, excellence and continuous improvement.
    • Identify and report process inefficiencies and make suggestions for improvements.
    • Create a positive and productive work climate.
    • Collaborate with team members and effectively manage differences in opinion.
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