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    We are committed to providing the highest quality of care that we can. Our commitment is evident by the numerous awards we have received. We have many teams of leaders and staff working on continuously improving our processes of care. Some of the projects we are working to improve include:

    • communication of important information among all caregivers
    • safety of administration of medications
    • prevention of various potential infections
    • proper management of patients' pain
    • assurance that you have the necessary information when being discharged from the hospital


    There are various websites you can access if you would like to see information about the quality of services we provide. Click here to view the Quality Reports for Littleton Adventist Hospital and the entire Centura Network of Care. Also, the websites below present quality data for hospitals throughout the U.S.  Keep in mind that the data on these website may be dated.   



    The Colorado Hospital Association produces the Colorado Hospital Report Card , which contains information about the quality of care of all Colorado hospitals.

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