• Perinatal Care Center for High Risk Pregnancy

  • Whether pregnancies involve multiples, advanced age of the mother, premature labor or a mother who needs special attention for diabetes, the Perinatal Care Center is prepared to provide a broad range of special services. The Center is staffed by OB nurses and sonographers in addition to Maternal-Fetal Medicine sub-specialist physicians from University Physicians, Incorporated. It is clear from the heartfelt feedback we receive that our patients love the compassionate and personalized care the staff provides. 

    Services offered by the Perinatal Care Center include:

    • Prenatal Screening - Usually in the first trimester a maternal blood test is combined with an ultrasound to identify fetuses at risk for chromosome abnormality.
    • Genetic Counseling - For those with family histories of genetic disorders.
    • Management of High Risk Pregnancies - Patients with complications from a previous pregnancy may need special care and coordination with their primary OB.
    • Ultrasound - Advanced 4-D capability allows the best possible view of the fetus.
    • Amniocentesis - The most common procedure used to test for birth defects, performed after 15 weeks of pregnancy, upon signs of a potential abnormality.
    • Chorionic Villus Sampling - An alternative to amniocentesis, this procedure takes a small sample of cells from the placenta where it is attached to the wall of the uterus. It can be performed earlier in the pregnancy, then amniocentesis. 
    • Diabetes Education and Management - For newly diagnosed gestational or pre-existing diabetes, management is provided with nutrition counseling and daily blood sugar monitoring. 
    • Management of Anticoagulation - Education and teaching of injection technique for patients and their families.
    • Pre-Pregnancy Consultation - May be appropriate for patients with medical or genetic history that may need to be assessed prior to becoming pregnant. 

    The Perinatal Care Center is conveniently located on the Littleton Adventist Hospital Medical Campus, 7720 Arapaho Medical Plaza I, Suite 190. You can discuss your questions about perinatal care with your obstetrician or you may contact us at (303) 315-6100. 

    Beyond the daily care of patients, the Perinatal Care Center is also active in research projects. Our current project is related to the use of a maternal blood test to identify pregnancies in which the unborn baby has a chromosome abnormality such as Down Syndrome. This less invasive technique will provide pregnant women with an option that has fewer risk factors than other techniques such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling.

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