• Infant Massage

  • This three-class series is designed to give parents an understanding of infant development and communication through massage. Mothers, fathers, caregivers and infants are encouraged to attend this class to benefit the entire family.

  • Benefits of Infant Massage for Baby

    • Infant-Parent Attachment or "bonding"
    • Relaxation
    • Promotes better sleep
    • Helps digestion
    • Helps build parent's and baby's self-esteem
    • Relaxes parents
    • Helps baby feel love
    • Relief of teething pain
  • Benefit of Infant Massage for Parents

    • Caregivers report feeling more comfortable and confident in their ability to care for baby.
    • Parents learn to understand and respond to the baby's cues
    • Parents learn techniques to comfort, calm and soothe their babies

    Our instructor is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage. For more information, visit Infant Massage USA.

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