• Broken Collarbone

  • Our team of specialists at Littleton Adventist Hospital are experienced in traumatic orthopedic injuries, including broken collarbones.

  • In some cases, severely broken collarbones require surgery to align the broken bones with plates, pins and screws. The collarbone, or clavicle, is a long bone on either side of your chest. The collarbone connects the shoulder. The most common cause of a broken collarbone is some kind of trauma, but can often occur through a sport-related accident.

    Symptoms of a collarbone fracture can include:

    • Immediate pain in the area
    • Shoulder slumping
    • Bulging skin over the area of the break
    • Tenderness to the touch

    Seek immediate medical treatment for a broken collarbone to determine the extent of damage.
    Typically, the broken bones can be aligned and a sling used for several weeks to aid in healing. Other treatment for a broken collarbone includes over-the-counter pain medication and limited movement. In very rare cases, a patient will need surgery.

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