• Foot & Ankle

  • The foot contains more than 25 bones, 30 joints and 100 muscle, tendons and ligaments, so it’s easy to understand why foot pain is so common.

  • The foot and ankle are constructed both for weight bearing and movement. Pain can be minor and go away on its own after a good night's rest, or the pain can become chronic and require surgery to repair the tear or fracture.

    We treat all problems of the foot and ankle, including:


    Achilles tendon ruptures:

    This is a tearing of the tendon connecting your calf to your heel. When the tendon ruptures, you may hear a pop followed by a pain and the inability to stand or put weight on your foot. Surgery is commonly used to reattach the tendon and repair the tear.

    Treatments we specialize in:

    Achilles tendon repair

    Calaneus fracture repair

    Foot and ankle fractures


    Achilles tendon tendonitis:

    A very common ailment often seen in recreational athletes, people who have changed their workout routine or sometimes when changing the shoes you wear. Typical treatment is rest, ice and stretching before any activities. Occasionally achilles tendonitis can turn into a rupture, requiring surgery.


    Arch pain:

    The arch is formed by a band of tendons connecting the heel and toes. Overuse, improper footwear or age can cause these tendons to become inflamed and painful. Treatment may consist of shoe inserts to support the arch, anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications, taping to support the arch, or injections.


    Flat foot:

    The arch gives us heel to toe movement. If the connecting tendons become stretched or injured, the arch can flatten out. This condition may occur as we age and is not always painful. If the bones are misaligned, surgery may be recommended.

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