• Joint Replacements at Littleton Adventist Hospital

  • At Littleton Adventist Hospital, we understand the complications and interruptions joint pain can cause in a patient's every day life. We are dedicated to working with each patient to support, treat and restore mobility in the joints. Currently, more than 400,000 hip and knee joint replacement surgeries are performed annually in the United States.


    Our team specializes in joint replacement, primarily hip and knee , through the use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment and offers patients non-surgical options as well. If joint replacement surgery is necessary, our Pre-Operative Class will help each patient understand the surgical and healing process. We understand the importance of follow-through. After surgery, our orthopedic team works with each patient rehabilitation and physical therapy.


    Hip Replacement Procedure

    Knee Replacement Procedure

    Shoulder Replacement Procedure


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