• Meniscus Tears

  • A meniscus tear is a tear in the cartilage (meniscus) of the knee.

  • The meniscus serves as a shock-absorption system, assists in lubricating the knee joint and limits the ability to flex and extend the joint. Typically, a meniscal tear is most commonly caused by twisting or over-flexing the knee joint.

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    about a meniscal tear .


    When a meniscal tear occurs, the patient will experience the following symptoms:

    • A "pop" may be felt at the time of the injury
    • Knee joint pain when walking
    • Knee pain in the space between the joints
    • Locking of the knee joint
    • Recurrent knee-catching
    • Difficulty squatting down
    • Swelling in the knee joint


    A physician can determine a meniscal tear through an examination called the McMurray's test, knee MRI or knee joint X-ray.


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