• Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Knee joint replacement is a procedure that is done to replace a knee joint with an artificial joint.

  • Knee joint replacement surgery involves removing the damaged cartilage and placing man-made pieces called prostheses. There are two types of knee replacement procedures :

    • Minimally invasive knee replacement
    • Computer-assisted knee replacement

    A total knee replacement procedure is commonly performed to relieve severe arthritis pain.

    Knee replacement surgery in Colorado at Littleton Adventist Hospital.

    Click here for more information regarding a total knee replacement procedure.

    A total knee replacement may be necessary for the following knee problems:

    • You are having knee arthritis
    • Your knee pain has not improved with other treatment
    • You are experiencing knee pain that is limiting you from daily activities

    A total knee replacement procedure most often results with an excellent outcome. Some patients require a small amount of physical therapy to regain their strength.

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