• Dislocated Shoulders

  • Dislocated shoulder is the general term for when the ball of the humerus pops out of the shoulder joint.

  • Orthopedic specialists in Littleton, Colorado.Our specialists perform minimally invasive arthroscopic shoulder surgery, which requires just small incisions to look inside and repair the shoulder. Patients typically go home the same day and return to full activities in several weeks.

    Depending on the direction of this movement, a more specific term will be used in diagnosis.

    Common signs of the humerus being dislocated include:

    A square appearance

    Extreme pain

    Swelling, bruising & tenderness around the collar bone

    Anterior dislocation, where the humerus is in front of the joint, is the most common dislocation and happens when the arm is suddenly pulled backwards. Once a shoulder has been dislocated, the ligaments and tendons may become stretched, which will make the shoulder unstable and reoccurrences of dislocation likely.

    Stabilize and seek medical attention for suspected dislocated shoulder as delays can permanently damage the tendons and ligaments.

    After the dislocated shoulder has been set, the pain will quickly stop.

    A sling may be used to reduce swelling and tenderness. Once the swelling has been reduced, exercises to strengthen and increase movement of the shoulder may be prescribed. Frequent bouts of dislocation can be treated with arthroscopic surgery to tighten stretched or torn tendons or ligaments.

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