• Gyncologic Oncology

  • Gyncologic Oncology HOPE MosaicUnder the medical direction of Dr. Glenn Bigsby, our gynecologic oncology team specializes and treats various cancers of the pelvis or reproductive systems, including ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, vulvar cancer, and vaginal cancer. From diagnosis to chemotherapy and surgery, our gynecologic oncology team provides comprehensive care for female-specific cancers.

    Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow up, our patients are always our top priority. In order to give patients excellent care, Dr. Bigsby consults with leading researchers and specialists in related fields such as pathology, radiation oncology, genetics, and reconstructive surgery, many of whom are on the Littleton Adventist Hospital campus.

    For more information, contact our gynecologic cancer nurse navigator at 303-738-7787.

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