• Radiation Oncology

  • Radiation Oncology Our Radiation Oncology Center opened in 2015 with the latest technology available. Radiation therapy uses high-powered x-rays, particles or radioactive seeds to destroy cancer cells. Cancer cells multiply much faster than normal cells, and because radiation is most harmful to fast-growing cells, radiation therapy is more damaging to cancer cells than to normal cells. More specifically, radiation therapy upsets or damages the DNA of cancer cells, which prevents cancer cells from growing and dividing.

    Radiation therapy is used to combat many kinds of cancer. It can shrink a tumor before surgery to make the operation more successful, or it may be administered after surgery to prevent recurrence of the cancer. For some types of cancer, radiation is the only necessary treatment. In other cases, radiation may be used in combination with chemotherapy, surgery or other medical treatments. 

    Radiation Oncology at Littleton Adventist Hospital
    7750 S. Broadway
    Garden Level
    (South of the main hospital building: Campus Map)
    Littleton, CO 80122

    Darlene Bugoci, MD

    Dr. Darlene Bugoci
    Medical Director

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