• Patient Compliments

  • At Littleton Adventist Hospital, high quality is our top concern. Whether you are here to welcome a new baby or visiting a recovering family member, your words of appreciation are our highest compliment and inspire us to serve each family that walks through our doors. SHARE stands for:

    Littleton Adventist Hospital staff compliments S ense people's needs before they ask
    H elp each other out
    A cknowledge people's feelings
    R espect the dignity and privacy of others
    E xplain what is happening

    You can share a compliment with us by filling out a SHARE Card form. This information may be used to celebrate and notify the hospital personnel mentioned in your SHARE card. Please Note: This form is not secure. Do not share any protected personal health information here.

    Here are a few notes from our patients:

    My daughter really enjoyed Michele. She's very friendly and really listens. My daughter was very disappointed she couldn't have her again tonight.
    When we arrived in the middle of the night Julie greeted us with a smile and made us feel comfortable as if she knew us. She was so friendly it was very heart warming.
    My daughter was very sick when she came in. Eun, Bev, Dawn and Debbie were very professional and positive and were all able to put a huge smile on her face. They were able to make a very scary and uncomfortable experience much easier to deal with. I really appreciate the extra time and comfort they were able to provide. They were able to make a horrible experience for my daughter much more pleasant.
    Julie and Deborah, thank you so much for taking such great care of my daughter. You had so much patience with her. I truly appreciate all your hard work.
    Julie went above and beyond to make sure our daughter was comfortable on a revisit. They had her room ready just the way she knew would make her most comfortable. Gina helped me as a mom to make the most comfortable choice concerning the next step for my daughter.
    Brenda and Michele were great. They tried everything possible to get my baby comfortable. Michele went as far as playing with her to give me a break.
    Mary, Gina and Lindsay, Thank you for helping me.
    My 4-year-old has been here for two days. The nursing staff has been incredible keeping him comfortable, easing his fears and making him laugh. From Dawn getting him settled in to Eun watching him sleep, truly a fantastic group of nurses. Also a big thank you to Trey in Respiratory for being great to my son as well. As a parent I have been very pleased with this experience.
    Dawn treated me and my family with so much respect, patience and kindness. She answered our questions even when we didn't want to ask. She treated us as if we mattered. It was very wonderful. We were stressed as it was. It was very uplifting the way she treated us. She also handled a lot of our requests and really went above and beyond to get our needs met. I was three days post-partum at the time and she acquired all of my necessities including the pump and helped set it up. I really want to thank her.
    Brenda and Debbie are great nurses - kind, helpful, considerate and warm. They even made a hospital stay enjoyable. This floor was so quiet compared to other hospital stays.
    Connie spent her time with us, tried to help us understand things and, in general, was very patient with us. She was also very caring. Thank you Connie.
    Bev is an AMAZING nurse! She cared for my 2-year-old daughter so gently and made her stay very comfortable. She took the time to tell me exactly what was going on and was great teaching me what I needed to do for my angel!! Thank you Bev!
    Eun was very sweet and soft with my 2-year-old daughter. She was very patient with her and made her very comfortable. I thank her for all she did for us!!
    Julie, Gina & Bev went above & beyond. They helped me recover as quick as possible.
    Dawn was so caring. She went beyond looking after our son's physical needs and made certain my husband and I were comfortable. She listened to our concerns and cared for us emotionally too. She always had a smile on her face and was so understanding. Dawn, thanks for the care and support!
    Julie was incredibly warm and friendly to my son, my and my wife. She explained everything well and was more than happy to go above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable. She's an asset to the hospital and to the nursing profession. We're so happy we've had her for three nights. She makes recovering easier with her upbeat personality and authentic enthusiasm. She's the embodiment of SHARE. She could even do the training for it. She's the BEST.
    My son received A++ care. Every nurse was attentive, caring, quick to respond, informative and happy. Everyone was so friendly and nice. The care he received made his stay here so much better than he expected. Thank you so much. His doctor was incredible also.
    Connie and Gina were compassionate, comforting, competent and confident. Great bedside manners. Made our stay great!
    Dee, Connie, Dawn, Julie, Gina, and Michele are some of the most amazing nurses I have ever dealt with. They are kind, sweet and charming. They are like your best friends and really just met you.
    We came in to have our daughter's ears checked after flying in from Arizona. I am beyond pleased with our experience. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. Thank you so-o-o much. Fabulous experience!
    Mary, Gina, Dr. Andrews, Chet: Thank you all for giving great care to my little man. He was very scared and you all made him relax. Thank you also for the extra time in explaining what was going on and answering questions. Thanks also for listening. Gina took care of a concern I had, no questions asked. Thank you!
    Mary Lou's outstanding service and care during our stay made it much more enjoyable! Thank you! Everyone was great!!
    Gina was so welcoming and comforting. She was helpful and kind and, she always came with a smile on her face. She made the night time a lot friendlier. The staff in general is phenomenal!
    Mary Lou, you were so nice to me and my mom. You were amazing, and I will never forget you!!! Thank you so much for helping me.
    This was our second visit in two months. The familiar, kind and friendly faces were reassuring to us all. Our son was in the best of caring hands.
    Julie was very calm and soothing to our son. She explained everything well and took great care of him.
    Gina worked us through what she was doing and explained how our son was doing. This made us comfortable. She was also able to answer all our questions clearly, which set our minds at ease. Her care and attention was appreciated!
    Connie made us comfortable when we got up to our room and she was just so nice. Bev was just a wonderful nurse and treated my daughter with respect. All of our nurses were great. Bev even stopped by on her day off to see how my daughter was doing.
    Beb and Michele were wonderful to us! Thanks so much for everything.
    My day RN was helpful in informing me about when I would be discharged. She also helped me with my IV.
    My night nurse gave me some advice on my diet that I plan on trying. I found her entertaining as we had multiple conversations about things that I was curious about. She was also helpful with constantly asking me about my pain levels and making sure I was doing OK. If I wasn't, she would do what she could to change that.
    Deb, Michele, Connie, Dee and Brenda took excellent care of my daughter. They showed compassion, competence and a level of caring that is unsurpassed. I always felt my daughter was in wonderful hands.
    We brought our baby in with RSV, and he decompensated quickly over night. Mo was very supportive and helpful to us in our distress. She took amazing care of our son, monitored him closely and was very proactive in her care of him. I felt so helpless as my son became ill, but Mo put me at ease. Thank you Mo for being such a conscientious and phenomenal nurse.
    Dawn was very attentive and had such a wonderful bedside disposition. She was so conscientious and treated our son as if he were her own, with kind and gentle hands and words. Thank you for making our stay here a good experience and taking such good care of our little baby.
    All of the Peds nurses are absolutely amazing and made our stay so much easier. I would especially like to thank Bev & Julie. My daughter loved them and so did my husband & I. It is really scary when your baby has to be in the hospital & they helped make our stay as pleasant as possible. We truly appreciate all they do. They are the heart of LAH.
    Julie was a delight as a nurse and as a person, not merely a clinician. She had that innate special quality that allowed her to relate to our 6-month-old and to us as parents. We couldn't have appreciated her more.
    Julie was a wonderful nurse and made our stay so very pleasant through a roller coaster ride.
    Our son was very frightened about being admitted, but once he checked into his room Bev put him at ease with her friendly, kind personality.
    Bev, Monique, Mary Lou, Julie and Connie were wonderful nurses and made being in the hospital (especially over Thanksgiving) for an 8-year old so much easier. They all cared so much, had great personalities and tended not only to my son, but me. Actually, everyone here has been so great! This is such a nice hospital.
    Michele and Connie spent a lot of time with us explaining what was going on with our daughter. Their knowledge base is large and we felt very confident being under their care.
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