• Injury Prevention

  • Littleton Adventist Hospital is committed to providing all elements of treatment and care including injury prevention education and programs. Our trauma team works to keep our patients informed of the safety precautions and measures that should be taken daily. Currently, our team provides the following programs and resources to our patients:

    Fall Prevention Network - As well as offering the four steps to prevent falls, the program provides other safety tips for adults 65 and older. Littleton Adventist Hospital works with surrounding senior centers, nursing homes and assisted living developments to promote and encourage fall prevention.

    Mile High RETAC (Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory) - Littleton Adventist Hospital and the Mile High RETAC educate and inform teen and adult patients in occupant and seatbelt safety, helping to prevent trauma injuries.

    Teen Seat Belt Challenge -  A friendly competition, and a fun way for participating high schools to increase seat belt use among teens.

    Think First - Focusing on preschoolers though sixth grade, our trauma team provides information and resources on helmet safety during recreational and sport-related activities to prevent spinal cord injuries.

    Littleton Adventist Hospital works closely with south metro Denver Emergency Medical Services and the Littleton Fire Department, executing case reviews to follow up on patients and improve the processes already set in place.

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