• Infection Prevention

  • The vulnerability of the patient population in the ICU makes infection prevention even more critical. All doctors, nurses or other health care providers should clean their hands by washing with soap and water or using waterless hand sanitizing foam before entering the patient's room. Visitors also should clean their hands before having contact with the patient.   Infection Prvention in the ICU

    If there is an "Isolation Precautions" sign posted on the door of the patient's room, please talk to the nurse before entering the room. All visitors will need to obtain a gown, gloves or mask from the isolation cart outside of the room depending on the type of isolation and put them on prior to entering the room. Follow the nurse's instructions.

    Many patients in the ICU are hooked up to a series of monitors and machines that may seem overwhelming and frightening but are necessary for continuous welfare monitoring. Some patients may require the assistance of a ventilator to breathe or the placement of a central line catheter in order to allow for a continuous flow of fluids. The risk of infection for these patients is potentially higher, so Littleton Adventist Hospital has multiple measures in place specifically designed to minimize this risk and ensure the best care possible for our patients.

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