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  • At Littleton Adventist Hospital, high quality is our top concern. Whether you are here to welcome a new baby or visiting a recovering family member, your words of appreciation are our highest compliment and inspire us to serve each family that walks through our doors. SHARE stands for: Share a compliment with our staff

    S ense people's needs before they ask
    H elp each other out
    A cknowledge people's feelings
    R espect the dignity and privacy of others
    E xplain what is happening

    You can share a compliment with us by filling out a SHARE Card form. This information may be used to celebrate and notify the hospital personnel mentioned in your SHARE card. Please Note: This form is not secure. Do not share any protected personal health information here.

    Here are a few notes from our patients:

    Nikki was wonderful, friendly, caring and professional. An excellent nurse!!
    Shannon was professional, friendly and caring. An excellent nurse!!
    My father-in-law was brought here after suffering a stroke. The entire staff (Jon, Erin, Alicia, Lynette, Jamie, Angie and Mary) has been outstanding and have given him support, direction, care and has earned our confidence and gratitude. In particular two nurses, Jon and Erin, have impressed us with their hard work and kindness. We feel blessed to have had their presence during this time. Jon and Erin make a great team and complement each other well. They have been great and we thank them.
    Erin was awesome! The whole team was too: Ann, Julie, Marina & the stress test and imaging girls.
    I want to let you know how a stay with your departments and ER has made a very difficult experience an exceptionally good experience. The doctors' explanations and the nurses and staff were exceptional. Their explanation has really been a relief.
    Nick went out of his way to make my mom comfortable. He was very patient, explained all medicines and was very knowledgeable and helpful.
    Arlene went above and beyond. She anticipated what I needed before I even knew I needed. What an outstanding nurse.
    Arlene took exemplary care of my mother-in-law. She literally gave her an unbelievable sponge bath that improved her spirits and relaxed her so much that she slept for the rest of the evening.
    Nurses, doctors, therapists gave stellar care. I had the privilege of meeting Nick and Javier. Thank you all very much.
    Sophia takes her time with the patient and takes that extra step to make him feel cared for. She is very knowledgeable.
    Erin is an outstanding nurse. She goes beyond her duties. She is there for the patients and makes sure they get the care they need. If there is an award for nurse of the year it should go to Erin.
    Nikki gave my friend such personal attention! She was so attentive to his family and explained all that was happening. Thank you.
    Alicia showed such attention and care to my friend.
    Andrew and Judy were exceptionally kind and helpful and provided great comfort to me.
    Alexandra was very kind, knowledgeable and gave great care.
    Erin was the right nurse for my boyfriend when he was in the ICU. She was so nice and went above and beyond what was expected. We greatly appreciated her during this difficult time!
    I cannot begin to describe how caring and kind everyone is in this hospital. Further, I have no idea how you can do it. Each patient and each family all having their own challenges and issues and each comforted by your ever-present broad shoulders to rest upon and be reassured by. Thank you so, so much. Your comfort, professionalism and caring will never be forgotten by those of us who have experienced it. I have been deeply touched by you all.
    All the nurses are caring, sensitive, helpful, encouraging, understanding, absolutely wonderful, proficient, knowledgeable, quick to respond, notice problems quickly. Your nurses are truly the best: Kim from chemo, Laura on days, Jason on nights and Tanya on days.
    Nick not only makes patients comfortable, he makes the family comfortable. He goes above and beyond. We need more Nick's in the world.
    We think Terri is the best nurse ever.
    Tim and Nick are two of the finest male nurses I have ever met. I retired after 30 years at Fitzsimons, I know what I'm talking about.
    Javier was a totally awesome nurse and human being.
    Marilyn, Laura & Alex, were great communicators, attentive & had good bedside manners. They were very helpful to family members.
    Spending almost six days in the ICU with my sister, I was impressed at the compassion, thoughtfulness and professionalism of all the staff and doctors.
    Erin provided loving care to my wife as she was recovering from brain surgery. Erin helped her through surgeries and confusion for several nights.
    Everyone has been extremely kind. Special thanks to the OT Angie and Terri on ICU for brushing my hair. You were all wonderful.
    Sophie was extremely courteous, exceptionally caring and professional. I was in management for 25 years, and she would have been indispensable to my staff. Her attitude and smile were exactly what all healthcare pros should emulate.
    Jake was a great help making my dad feel comfortable after his brain surgery. He was kind and respectful. He knew what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Thank you Jake.
    Janet was very attentive, courteous & professional. She was very accommodating & pleasant with an exceptional degree of caring.
    Carolyn helped my father get rest so my mom could go home to try and get some rest. Thank you Carolyn.
    I remember very little during my nine-day stay in the ICU. One of the few memories was with Jenna and the time she took to wash my hair and help shave my face. I remembered feeling like a new man. She was also very compassionate. I remember a time when I broke down in tears while trying to cope through this traumatic experience, and she listened, was there for me and helped to reassure me that things would get better.
    I was transferred from ICU to 5 North. On Saturday I got a visit from Erin. It was not her schedule but a sincere interest and it pleasantly meant a lot to me and my family.
    Pam is a great nurse and deserves a raise. She was right on top of everything.
    Arlene was so kind, caring and attentive. I truly appreciated her great care.
    Nick was very thorough and hard working. He went the extra mile in taking care of my husband. He was very articulate & explained what was happening so we really understood it. Nick was optimistic but also realistic concerning my husband's condition. My husband has been in the hospital three times since Thanksgiving. He has seen a lot of nurses, & Nick was among the best.
    The pleasant, compassionate and dedicated personnel that took care of my wife in the ER, ICU and 6th floor were a revelation to us, and we offer our sincere thanks!
    Andrew seemed to sense all our needs. Andrew has been very compassionate with my husband.
    Arlene is a very knowledgeable nurse. She is a credit to the ICU, Littleton Hospital and, most particularly, the nursing profession. Having her as my nurse almost makes it a pleasure to be in the hospital. Thank you Arlene!
    Judy was so personable! She seemed to love her work. She was cheery, efficient and was a blessing to us all! Also, your comfort stations for families and patients were a godsend. This couple from Oklahoma has been treated royally. God bless you!
    Nick was very kind & considerate. He explained to my husband what procedures would be done. He answered our questions. Nick is a 10! It means so much to have compassionate caregivers.
    Mollie's care has been exceptional! She's professional yet personable. She has made thet patient feel like a friend rather than a patient and made the patient's recovery a joyful experience.
    At a time when I was a little panic stricken the friendliness and knowledge of Ann and the night charge nurse made a bad situation more tolerable. Thanks for all you do.
    Erin H was sooo helpful in getting me the right medicine to help my pain. Very sympathetic & kind. I felt safe & in good hands with her as my nurse.
    Thanks Nick for all of your help and personal attention. I appreciate your patience with me and my IV. Thank you Shannon for being there for me whenever I asked for anything, no matter the task and for always responding with a smile.
    Michelle was kind, caring and loving. She made me feel very comfortable and like I'd known her all my life. Andrew was so outgoing and made me feel like I'd known him forever. He was a kind and caring person. Erin gave me such great care. She was caring, kind and made me feel at ease. The care was superb.
    Leslie is a wonderful nurse. She made my experience an unforgettable one! She's friendly, knowledgeable and a great listener.
    Pam was a great support and advocate for my family and my mom. We appreciate it.
    They not only cared for the patient, they cared for all those who know and love the patient! Our pastor preaches about us doing acts of love and mercy because of Christ's love, and you do it all so well!
    Erika is a phenomenal nurse! She not only took excellent care of my mom but also our whole family. I cannot express my appreciation enough!
    Jamie has the calmest, sweetest nature. She was so willing and caring in caring for me. She has just the gentlest spirit. She is a big asset to the hospital.
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