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  • At Littleton Adventist Hospital, high quality is our top concern. Whether you are here to welcome a new baby or visiting a recovering family member, your words of appreciation are our highest compliment and inspire us to serve each family that walks through our doors. SHARE stands for:

    SHARE a compliment with our staffSense people's needs before they ask
    Help each other out
    Acknowledge people's feelings
    Respect the dignity and privacy of others
    Explain what is happening

    You can share a compliment with us by filling out a SHARE Card form. This information may be used to celebrate and notify the hospital personnel mentioned in your SHARE card. Please Note: This form is not secure. Do not share any protected personal health information here.

    Here are a few notes from our patients:

    Thank you to the x-ray tech Joshuah for making my son comfortable and explaining the process to him. Joshuah made him smile because he got to pick two stickers, and he got one for his mom. It's these small things that should be acknowledged as this very caring employee made my son smile while he was very sick and that was priceless. Thank you for doing a great job!
    The finest radiology department I have seen and I think I have been to them all. Receptionist Nancy was professional, pleasant and efficient. Marte and Kris were expert, professional, pleasant and efficient. The radiologists were efficient, expert and professional. They had the results to my doctor before I left the parking lot! Overall a great department and a tribute and asset to LAH.
    I had an esophagram last week and both the speech pathologist and radiology person were great. I was impressed, and I'm usually not. Thanks for their professionalism and help.
    My husband was here twice for knee replacement surgery. I was here for an ultrasound. Always we have been treated by caring and concerned nurses, techs, volunteers, etc.
    I asked Becky for records from one hospital, and she found records from two other Adventist hospitals and made all the information available to me. Thank you very much!!! She went above and beyond.
    Suzanne assisted in my hip injection procedure. She was very caring. I really enjoyed her as part of the whole team that really worked well together.
    Every time I come for any screening the staff is very friendly, professional and helpful! I really appreciate the care I receive!
    I've had multiple visits to the ER and Charles has always been extremely polite and helpful. Always going above and beyond. Centura is lucky to have him.
    Erin was awesome! The whole team was too: Ann, Julie, Marina & the stress test and imaging girls.
    During my 95-year-old mother's care, Mariah and Kelly performed tests. My mother was not very cooperative, but Mariah and Kelly were patient and caring. I would like to commend them for the awesome care they provided.
    I called asking what day and time Cassie would be available to do an ultrasound. I was told she was not available late on Fridays. Much to my surprise when the tech came out to get me tonight it was Cassie. The Ultrasound team had told her I had called asking for her and she stayed late for me. I appreciate that very much. Thank you for always being so helpful to me during stressful times, as these exams are not pleasant. Thank you to the Ultrasound team for letting Cassie know I had asked for her.
    I was in a lot of pain and Michelle was very caring, intelligent and efficient. Excellent!
    Rob and Christine: Check in was a very friendly and smooth experience. The technician was very friendly and made the procedure very comfortable.
    Greg was caring, compassionate, thorough and knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor.
    Chris went above & beyond to make me feel comfortable. She did an excellent job explaining the test I was having. She made me feel that I was actually an important human being & not just another test. I hope & pray that Littleton continues to hire & keep employees like Chris!
    Danielle was very personable and professional.
    I was terrified to have a procedure done. Bree explained everything and gave me an opportunity to ask questions.
    Kelly was exceptionally competent. I very much appreciated her explanation of the procedure & ease of work. She's also very smart.
    My 2-year-old had to have a CT scan under sedation. I was so anxious & scared but Jess was so soft & gentle with her & made me feel that she was safe. Thank you Jess.
    Kelly is very attentive, kind and informative. She made me feel very comfortable.
    My daughter was a patient. Charles took us to & from some tests & was so amazing with her. She was very comfortable with him & that meant so much to me. Thank you Charles for being AMAZING!!
    Christina and others gave us crayons for busy work and were patient with us.
    Met Jess in the x-ray lobby and he informed me about my CT scan. He was fabulous and has a great smile.
    I had the greatest experience with the help and assistance from Becky in Radiology. We need more people like her in this world! Please let her know that she is a very special person in this day and age.
    Dawn & Jess were very professional, explained procedures & made sure I was comfortable.
    Katie was very friendly and professional. She also answered a lot of tech questions I had. Very helpful. I hope you know what a treasure you have with Katie. Thank you.
    Cassie put me at ease checking for a scary blood clot. She was very sensitive and caring. Great job hiring her! Kudos to Cassie.
    Val, Jessica and Sue were great. They helped me with friendly smiles.
    Receptionist Becky went out of her way to help when I had problems. She comforted me and was like a mother figure to me.
    Cari was very knowledgeable, caring and professional. She had a true compassion for what I was going through. I will request her again!
    John is a gem. He made my son feel comfortable and relaxed. I hope you know what a treasure you have with him.
    Chris did a PET scan for my mom. She is extremely professional and is a very caring person. Chris, your warmth and friendliness made it much easier to do the scan. I would recommend you in a heartbeat.
    Greg took care of my teenage daughter before and after a procedure and I just wanted to say what a great nurse he is.
    I can’t express enough gratitude and thank you’s to Dr. Eby, PA Dyana, PA Allison, RN Lynnanne, RN Kevin, John from CT and Aimee from X-ray for all their kindness and making me feel more than just a patient.
    My mom had cardiology tests and a brain scan. Everyone has been so patient, kind, positive, gentle and caring with her. Thank you all so much!!
    Jessica was very compassionate, courteous and helpful. Also, she went out of her way to see me to the cafeteria. She is a great person!
    Erin took the worry out of my day. She was very kind and seemed very knowledgeable.
    I've seen Josh twice in the past month. He was friendly, cheerful and most of all informed. He put me at ease in a time of great stress and when you're sick there's nothing better. He's the reason I left today feeling better!
    I have seen and received nursing from Cari at least four times, and she has the greatest attitude, sweetness and respect for her patients.
    Jess is an exceptional technician. He was gracious and very nice to me. He explained and directed me through each x-ray so I knew what to expect. This has been the most enjoyable expereience of having x-rays taken I have ever had. Jess is an employee you want on your staff.
    Jon was pleasant, polite and exceeded my expectations. He is a gem in a world of average folks. Please let him know he made a difference.
    I needed to have an x-ray done and was quite nervous. Jon was exceptional! He had a wonderful attitude and is a great asset to your hospital. He was very professional and had a great sense of humor! He made my visit very comfortable.
    Deb was very kind and concerned about my care and condition. She was gentle and did not see me as just another cog in the patient system. She had a good sense of humor which helped me get through the MRI.
    Gerald was a good listener. I was overwhelmed with all the day had to offer and needed another guy to talk to outside the ER. He let me ramble and was compassionate.
    Kristi & Michelle were not only professional but so pleasant and accommodating! The attitude and outgoing desire to please made my test a pleasure. In fact, the whole experience made me look forward to returning in the future!
    Melanie and Gina in the ER, Heather in CT and Tim at the ER front desk all have motherly like hearts and made me feel safe. They were excellent at their jobs. You have an excellent team here! God bless all of you.
    Please convey my appreciation to Chris for talking to me, making me feel like a friend while doing my ultrasound and the speed with which she did the procedure.
    Kelly had some good conversations with me during my ultrasound. She made me feel comfortable, talked to me about school and gave me some advice about my school work.
    Jeremy was very friendly and helpful!
    Kris was professional, kind and inspiring.
    Jennifer, the outpatient greeter, was very friendly and helpful.
    I had to bring my 2-year-old in for respiratory reasons. ER nurses Susan and Rhoda, Dr. Buchanan, RT Christina, and Amy and Josh from Radiology took excellent care of my daughter. They showed compassion, competence and a level of caring that is unsurpassed. I always felt my daughter was in wonderful hands.
    Lindsey was so kind and willing to make me feel comfortable. Just so nice and polite to my friend. Thank you for truly acting above and beyond.
    Amy, Brie and Jonathan helped make a very difficult time for me safe and helped me through it. It meant a lot. Thanks.
    Over and beyond great customer service. I watched Becky help everyone and seemed to be such a joy. You guys are blessed to have her. Made my experience a lot easier.
    John has a warm, caring attitude that puts one very much at ease. I get very nervous with medical procedures, and he put me at ease.
    Kelly is extremely pleasant and made me feel comfortable. When she noticed a test hadn't been ordered, she got a hold of the doctor who then ordered the missing test.
    Becky is a great person to be first contact & sometimes last contact. It seems it is policy to go above & beyond here. Thanks for treating me like you care!
    Crystal was caring and made me feel safe and kept me involved. She told me if I was in too much pain, she would stop and call for medications. Very, very nice tech.
    The Interventional Radiology nurses were wonderful, very attentive, explained everything that was going on, put me at complete ease and reassured me every step of the way. After the procedure during my overnight stay, the nurses were also attentive and comforting, making sure I had everything I needed and, considering I was actually in the hospital, this entire experience was actually enjoyable thanks to the great staff at LAH. I am truly thankful for the wonderful treatment I was lucky enough to receive.
    Rob gave good service and was attentive. He did a great job.
    Kris was professional yet friendly. She went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable and informed, and she got my IV the first time.
    Chris is very nice. He's been my tech before and he explains things well. He's very personable. Karen is great, very nice and has a fun personality.
    Nancy was very patient with me recently when I was checking in for a bone density test. She was so nice and cheerful that I thought you should know about it.
    As usual, Chris was so pleasant and kind that our handicapped daughter had total trust in her and wasn't anxious about the procedure. God bless!
    Kitty was wonderful with me. She listened to my concerns, answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable at all times. I have issues with falling and Kitty asked several times if I needed a wheelchair and always had a chair close by. She was a very friendly, compassionate, gentle person.
    I had a bone density test recently, and Leslie was so kind and professional. She took the time to read to me the previous bone density test results. Very nice!
    Kris was professional yet friendly. She went the extra mile to make sure i was comfortable and informed, and she got my IV the first time.
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