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  • Please choose an order script for Littleton Adventist Hospital that best suits your request:

  • General Imaging Forms for Physicians Ortho Imaging form for Referring Physicians OB GYN forms for Referring Physicians
    Littleton Hospital Mammography Order Forms PET CT order form for Referring Physicians

    To order additional form pads for your office, please call 303-738-2680

    Littleton Adventist Hospital is pleased to schedule same-day (insurance and prep specific), evening, and weekend hours (modality specific).

    How to schedule an appointment at Littleton:

    • Use our online scheduling option (office or patient)
    • Call Littleton Adventist Hospital at 303-738-2767
    • Fax the order to 303-738-2600 indicating whether to contact the office or patient
    • Fax the order first to 303-738-2600 and then have the patient contact scheduling at 303-738-2767

    Accommodating Your Referral

    We can accommodate same-day exams. However this is often dependent on insurance company pre-authorization, required patient prep, and special needs.

    Receiving the Patient Report

    Exams, unless highly specialized, have a report turnaround time of less than five minutes. Offices established to receive faxed results will receive reports via fax within minutes. To request fax services, online access to reports or images, and to discuss your preferences or needs, please contact our Physician Technology Coordinator at 303-734-3963.

    To receive additional copies of Reports, or Exams on CDs or Film

    We encourage the use of CDs because they are easier to transport and are more environmentally friendly. However, we can print images on film when specified.

    • At Exam:
      • On order script specify copies to be sent with patient or sent to office. Please indicate film when needed, as our standard is to provide images on CD
    • After Exam:
      • OFFICE: Please contact Medical Imaging Records at 303-730-5880.
      • PATIENT: Please contact Medical Imaging Records at 303-730-5880. Calling before you arrive allows us to have the CD ready. Patients will need to provide identification for release.

    Patient Services

    Littleton Adventist Hospital offers online scheduling, pre-registration, and testing forms. Patients can easily locate our separate Outpatient Medical Imaging entrance and registration on the east side of the hospital, just south of the main entrance.

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