• GYN Robotic Surgery

  • Minimizing Downtime and Maximizing Go Time

  • Today, women have many more options to consider than an open or traditional surgical approach to having a gynecologic procedure. At Littleton Adventist Hospital our surgeons are proud to offer patients the most advanced type of minimally invasive surgery available: robot-assisted gynecologic surgery with the da Vinci® Surgical System.  Gynecologic surgery with the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System utilizes advanced computer and robotic technology to maintain greater precision and control throughout the procedure. Compared to open or traditional surgery, robotic surgery can offer many advantages, including: Robotic surgery hysterectomy at Littleton Hospital in Colorado

    • Smaller incisions with minimal scarring
    • Less blood loss
    • Less postoperative pain
    • Reduced risk of infection
    • Shorter hospital stay
    • A faster return to normal daily activities

    It is recommended that you speak with your doctor about the best surgical option for you.

    Treatment Options with Robotic Surgery Include: 

    • Endometriosis resection - removal of uterine cells that have grown outside the uterus 
    • Partial Hysterectomy - removal of the uterus leaving the cervix in place. This can include removal of Fallopian tubes and/or ovaries  
    • Total Hysterectomy - removal of the uterus and cervix, which also may include removal of Fallopian tubes and/or ovaries 
    • Myomectomy - removal of uterine fibroids
    • Sacrocolpopexy - resupporting vaginal wall defects including cystocoele (loss of bladder support) and rectocoele (loss of rectal support) with the aid of mesh attached to the sacrum to the vagina and/or cervix

    At Littleton Adventist Hospital the following doctors are credentialed to do gynecologic surgery using the da Vinci® robot:

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