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  • At Littleton Adventist Hospital, high quality is our top concern. Whether you are here to welcome a new baby or visiting a recovering family member, your words of appreciation are our highest compliment and inspire us to serve each family that walks through our doors. SHARE stands for:

    Littleton Adventist Hospital staff complimentsSense people's needs before they ask
    Help each other out
    Acknowledge people's feelings
    Respect the dignity and privacy of others
    Explain what is happening

    You can share a compliment with us by filling out a SHARE Card form. This information may be used to celebrate and notify the hospital personnel mentioned in your SHARE card. Please Note: This form is not secure. Do not share any protected personal health information here.

    Here are a few notes from our patients:

    CNA Lacy and RN Erika had a great awareness of my needs. Thank you so much for your caring and insightful help.
    The whole 7th floor needs a big fat raise, double Christmas bonuses and an extra week of vacation with pay!! However, these extraordinary people are compensated with blessings no money can buy, and we all thank them for sharing with the rest of us!
    Erika was very nice, attentive and compassionate! She was friendly and responsive to my mom's needs and my mom really enjoyed her. We were very happy to have all her help and support!
    Marge, thanks again for all the help and information and are you gave to my husband and me.
    Marge was very helpful, informative and compassionate! She was always attentive to what was needed and was very responsive and kind. We were very thankful to have her as my mom's nurse!!
    Marge's compassion and caring made such a difference. Her confidence reassured us and she did everything possible to help us during a difficult time. Thank you for the food and extra room!
    Jamie, Sharon, Ashley, etc. Thanks to all who gave great care to my husband.
    Joanna has been so awesome and comforting to our family. She constantly checked in with us and fulfilled our needs. She went above and beyond standard care.
    Marge is willing to go above & beyond to care for her patients & their families. She was honest & explained everything in detail.
    Nurse Marge not only delivered excellent care to my grandmother but also recognized my grandmother's passing would be an exceptionally traumatic & life-changing experience for my aunt. Nurse Marge went far beyond the call of duty & made the experience a bearable one for all involved. Thank you for all that you did for my family & undoubtedly do for all your patients. You are an amazing person & a true credit to your profession. Thank you.
    All the staff answered questions and were very helpful.
    Kim is the best. Number 1. Very sweet and very nice. Very good job. Very happy with her as my nurse. I won't forget her.
    Erika was very good and nice. I loved having her as my nurse. She is a #1 nurse. Very sweet. I won't forget her.
    I had a great stay at Littleton. Very thankful for your help. I will not forget you. Great job!!!
    I cannot begin to describe how caring and kind everyone is in this hospital. Further, I have no idea how you can do it. Each patient and each family all having their own challenges and issues and each comforted by your ever-present broad shoulders to rest upon and be reassured by. Thank you so, so much. Your comfort, professionalism and caring will never be forgotten by those of us who have experienced it. I have been deeply touched by you all.
    Joanne is so pleasant, kind and helpful. She is also thorough and diligent in providing extraordinary patient care. She never made us feel rushed. It was almost like we were her only patient.
    Marla, Celestee, Lacey, Lola, Tammy and Kim have all been so wonderful and caring to me while I've been here. Their professionalism and expertise are topnotch. Thank you!
    Sharon was one of the nicest nurses I’ve ever had. She was very thorough and attended to the patient’s needs. Actually, all of the 7N nurses were wonderful. I’ve been on every floor (except OB-GYN) and the 7N nurses outshine them all.
    Erika was very nice and she had a good bedside manner. She treated me like a person and was understanding of my problems. Great person and awesome nurse!
    Everyone treated me well, responded quickly and was very nice and extremely helpful. Thanks to all of you!
    Marge cared for my dear aunt today. She was very helpful, responsive & anticipated needs & solutions that were very agreeable. She medicated her to comfort but without overdoing it. She facilitated a big meeting we needed with hospice & home care.
    Kristi was amazing & went above and beyond to deal with my pain & anxiety. She answered all my questions & kept on top of reaching out to my physician.
    Marge took the extra steps to talk to me. She genuinely cares about the well-being of her patients. She is very kind and sympathetic and such an asset.
    Erika has been the best thing about my stay! That and recovering (of course). She is truly a wonderful nurse and a great asset to the hospital. She is thorough, informative and uplifting to be around. I healed quickly in part (no doubt) due to her involvement and maybe even her great presence! Thank you Erika!
    Terry was very friendly, saw to our inquires immediately, and followed through. She gave us a reassured feeling.
    Karen has a pleasant attitude, asked good questions, and was patient with older people.
    Erika's kindness, compassion, patience & ability to speak German helped to calm & prepare my very agitated father for surgery the next morning.
    Sharon is a lady of action. She understands patient concerns quickly and moves to address them. Thank you Sharon.
    Terry gave great care and was timely and truly concerned about the welfare of the patient. Terry exhibited great listening skills and passed on comments to the charge nurse who took our concerns seriously. Many thanks for listening.
    Tami was wonderful, caring and thoughtful. She went beyond nursing by doing extra things that made my dad more comfortable.
    The care Joanna gave my husband and kindness with which she treated me clearly demonstrated that her faith is active, and she's centered in Christ. That is something both of us really appreciated. Great, great nurse!!
    Sharon is the best nurse I've ever had, and I've had a lot of nurses. She is compassionate, communicates very well and is intuitive. Above and beyond in all ways, every time.
    Celestee is just a great nurse. She is caring and concerned. She is very talented at her job with tremendous attention to detail. Great job!
    Beverly is a great nurse! She has such a warm and generous spirit along with her talent and skills as a nurse! Wonderful person!
    Erika took such good care of us. She was very helpful with her treatment ideas and very thorough with her care. She was a joy!
    Kim is the whole package! Kind, concerned and fantastic nursing skills. She is calm and caring and careful in her care of patients.
    Tami is such a great nurse. Very calm with a gentle and caring way. Her nursing skills are amazing. She offered suggestions and direction. She is fantastic!
    Kim has been such a caring nurse. She checks on me before I need to call for meds and does so with a smile.
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