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Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator

Dedicated breast cancer nurse navigator, guiding you through cancer care.

At Littleton Adventist Hospital, we don’t believe anyone should face breast cancer alone or without access to exceptional care and resources. Research shows that breast cancer patients who receive advocate interventions and education through patient navigation programs report improved ability to cope, quality of life, access to care, functional status, patient satisfaction, decreased anxiety, and obtain better financial assistance.

What is a Breast Cancer Navigator?

Our Breast Cancer Patient Navigator:Breast Cancer care in Littleton, Colorado

  • has an in-depth understanding of the disease process, physician network and health insurance arena
  • actively guides patients through the healthcare system
  • will provide resources for alternative therapy options such as acupuncture, nutrition, & naturopathic oncology
  • will identify and address patients’ physical, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs
  • acts as an invaluable resource and advocate for patients
  • assists patients in eliminating barriers such as financial and transportation issues
  • collaborates with other healthcare providers to coordinate seamless cancer care
  • can assist in the referral process
  • can help patients anticipate and avoid obstacles to care
  • is available to meet in person or over the phone

Additional services include:

  • financial assistance options
  • education about a particular diagnosisColorado breast cancer nurse navigator
  • exploration of treatment options
  • how to prepare for surgery
  • recovery process at home after surgery
  • education about chemotherapy & managing side effects
  • how to prepare for radiation therapy
  • clarification of clinical trial opportunities
  • recovering after treatment has ended
  • access to community resources, support programs and education

To contact our Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator, please call 303-738-7787.

Breast Cancer Care in Littleton, Colorado

Meet Our Breast Cancer Patient Navigator

Ellen Buchannan, RN, FNP, CBCN, our Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator is a registered nurse as well as a breast cancer survivor. Her cancer experience has given her knowledge and understanding of the cancer treatment process from both a patient and provider’s viewpoint. She feels she has been blessed by her experience with the ambition to help others through their cancer journey. For additional information or to make an appointment with Ellen, please call 303-738-7787.

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