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  • Nine months. Some days will crawl by; others will fly by. But no matter how the time passes, you have a chance every second to make choices that will help ensure the healthiest pregnancy and the healthiest baby possible.

    The obstetricians, midwives and expert maternity staff at The BirthPlace are here to help you make the most of these nine months. 

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  • Sex and family finances can be two of the most difficult topics to discuss, even with your spouse. It's helpful before any difficult conversation to have some facts to start the conversation. So I recently sat down with Dr. Suzanne Barbara Weber, MD of Littleton Hospital's BirthPlace to have a chat about sex during pregnancy. I wanted to share my conversation with you so that you'll be armed with information.

    Q: Is it normal to have sex during pregnancy?

    A: It's completely normal for pregnant women to have sex - but it's just as normal not to. There are a few factors in play, such as how you feel about your body and your energy level. A woman may feel very attractive while pregnant, or she may not and worry that her partner doesn't find her attractive. Your fluctuating hormones also can affect your sex drive. You may find that your interest in sex peaks during your second trimester when increased blood flow to your breasts and sexual organs can lead to an increase in sexual desire. On the other hand, stress level about becoming a new mom, exhaustion, nausea, or other health concerns can make sex the farthest thing from your mind.

    Tips for sex during & after pregnancyQ: Can intercourse during the first trimester cause a miscarriage?

    A: Miscarriages are almost always the result of chromosomal abnormalities or some other problem in the developing baby. They are rarely caused by something you do - or don't do. That being said, if you're worried, or if you have a history of miscarriages, talk with your obstetrician about your concerns. If you develop conditions in your pregnancy, such as unexplained vaginal bleeding, placenta previa or incompetent cervix, your doctor may advise you to avoid sexual intercourse.

    Q: Will it hurt the baby or me for my partner to be on top of me during intercourse?

    A: Because of your growing belly, you and your partner might have to get creative with positions, especially in your third trimester when you'll want to avoid lying flat on your back. In that position, the weight of your baby puts a lot of pressure on some of your major blood vessels. In addition to making you dizzy, it can be uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous. Other than that, your own comfort is what matters. Try "spooning" together on your sides or you being on top. The most important thing is to communicate with your partner about how you feel.

    Q: Will intercourse in the last few weeks help induce labor?

    A: This is mostly an urban legend. Intercourse may stimulate contractions, but they are unlikely to lead to labor. However, it's a more pleasant idea than some of the other labor-inducing legends I've heard, and it's not going to prevent labor, so it may be worth trying. It also might be one of the last opportunities for a couple to be intimate before their bundle of joy arrives!


    Most women don’t think much about where they will deliver their baby until late in their pregnancy, but you may want to consider where you will deliver your baby earlier and be sure to find an obstetrician or prenatal provider that delivers at your preferred hospital.

    When considering a hospital, it’s a good idea to take a tour.  You’ll want to look for a warm and clean environment, birthing suites where you can labor and deliver and overall aesthetics. But be sure to go deeper than that. Look for:

    • Staff: Did you get to meet some of the nurses in the unit? Were they warm, professional, experienced?
    • Expertise: Even if your pregnancy is normal, you’ll want to be sure the hospital can handle any emergency. Does the hospital have around-the-clock perinatal and neonatal specialists? What level is the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit?
    • Anesthesia: If you are choosing to use anesthesia, does the hospital provide specialized maternity anesthesiologists? Are they available 24/7?
    • Natural Childbirth: Does the hospital offer natural options, such as hyrdrotherapy, birthing balls, aromatherapy, and doula support.
    • Rooming In or Out: Do you have the option of keeping your baby with you or perhaps sending your baby to a nursery when you need some rest? Can your support person stay in your room?
    • Breastfeeding: Does the hospital provide lactation specialists?

    Take a Tour

    We invite you to join LAH as our guest to tour the Birthplace, to ask questions and familiarize yourself with our facility. This tour can be done anytime during your pregnancy or if you are beginning to plan a pregnancy.

    Please meet in the lobby of LAH about 5 to 10 minutes before the tour begins. We will meet first to provide an overview of services and give you an opportunity to ask questions.  A walk through of the BirthPlace will follow.

    Please note: Each person attending the tour must bring his/her photo ID. 

    Thank you!

    BirthPlace Tour Dates

    • 1st and 3rd Sundays, 10-11am and 11:15am-12:15PM
    • 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 6-7 pm

    Tours will not take place on the following holidays:

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