• Benign Breast Conditions

  • There are several abnormalities found during breast exams that are non-cancerous or benign. It is important to report any type of change in your breasts to your doctor and have it checked to confirm that it is safe.

    • Microcalcifications: small clusters of calcium in milk ducts
    • Fibrocystic Breasts: various breast changes triggered by hormones
    • Fibroadenoma: a benign growth of breast cells and fibrous tissue
    • Simple Cysts: little pockets of fluid trapped in the breast
    • Lipoma: pocket of fat encased by a fibrous band
    • Intraductal Papilloma: wart-like growth in a milk duct, often near the nipple
    • Breast Pain: usually not associated with cancer
    • Nipple Discharge: can be normal but should be checked

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