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Pregnancy Loss Spiritual Support

Spiritual care, encouragement and counsel are a few of the comforts our spiritual care staff has to offer in your time of grief. Our trained professionals are here to help support and care for you regardless of your beliefs, cultural background or faith traditions. We are happy to help you find a trained professional from the faith domination of your choosing. We have a deeply compassionate pastoral staff available at the hospital.

Our spiritual care team offers:

  • Daily visits with most, if not all, medical and surgical patients
  • 24-hour emergency intervention for patients and their families
  • Spiritual counseling with active listening
  • Community referrals
  • Holy Communion for our Catholic friends provided by Eucharistic Ministers from the parishes of St. Thomas Moore, St. Francis Cabrini, Light of the World and St. Marks

For questions and concerns regarding pregnancy loss spiritual care please call 303-738-7744.

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