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Pregnancy Loss Support Group at Littleton Adventist Hospital

Pregnancy Loss Support Group

For parents who have experienced fetal or newborn death

Littleton Adventist Hospital offers a 7-week facilitated support for parents who have lost a child during or immediately after pregnancy. Find hope and support with other parents who understand. All stages of grief are welcome.

Topics include:

  • Sharing, listening, and learning from the experiences of others
  • Exploring internal thoughts and emotions
  • Handling awkward situations, setting appropriate boundaries, identifying and communicating your needs
  • Gender differences in grieving; the impact of loss on the marriage relationship; communication skills
  • Integrating loss into your life story; finding ways to honor and remember your child; planning for the future

Sessions are held four times a year.

When: Mondays 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Where: Littleton Adventist Hospital

Cost: $35 per couple

Registration: Call the Perinatal Care Center at 303-730-5862.

Payment is due at time of registration and groups are limited to 12 participants.


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