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Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours in the ICUAt Littleton Adventist Hospital we believe being surrounded by the love of family and friends can be a powerful healing tool. For this reason in our ICU we do not have set visiting hours. We request only two visitors per patient at any one time.


Comfortable waiting rooms outside the unit are available for additional family members and friends. Children must be accompanied by an adult who must remain in the patient's room while the child is visiting. 


Food and flowers are not allowed in the patient rooms but mylar balloons, stuffed animals and cards are encouraged. In some cases further restrictions may apply so it is always best to contact the nurses' station at 303-730-5823 prior to coming to the hospital to visit.


If possible, please select one family member or friend to be the primary contact as this helps avoid confusion and ensures all questions and concerns get answered. Having questions written is also helpful. The primary contact can also be the designated keeper of the code that will be required in order for the patient's medical information to be released over the phone. At Littleton Adventist Hospital, we are committed to protecting personal medical information from any use for which it was not intended. This code identifies the caller as someone we can provide information to and helps protect the patient's privacy, in compliance with federal regulations (HIPAA).

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