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Volunteering at Littleton Adventist Hospital

Volunteers at Littleton Adventist Hospital in ColoradoAt Littleton Adventist Hospital we are grateful for our 400 volunteers who serve throughout the hospital, making a difference in the lives of patients and visitors. In addition to service, our volunteer association allocates proceeds from the gift shop and other fundraisers to various hospital departments, helping to provide new technology and services to our patients.

We welcome volunteers from 14 to 100 years old, so if you have a heart for service, we invite you to use the links to the left to learn more about our volunteer opportunies.

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 Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

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Learning Life Skills Through Service

Those who volunteer often do so because donating time and services just makes them feel good. This sentiment is no different for students in the Littleton High School Transition Program and Parker Transition Program at Littleton Adventist Hospital

The Littleton High School Transition Program and Parker Transition Program allow five students with developmental disabilities to lend a hand at the hospital - and our relationship is certainly mutually beneficial. While the students gain the satisfaction of knowing they're giving back to their community, we enjoy the pleasure of observing their hard work and positive attitudes.


"The students in our programs know they're doing something wonderful for our patients and their community," says Cathering Bartley, CAVS, manager of volunteer services at Littleton Hospital. "We made it a point to find challenging positions for our volunteers that would teach them life skills and help them become more independent."


Duties completed by the students include assistance with food service, cleaning, sanitizing wheelchairs, and stocking the kitchen. When asked what parts of their jobs they enjoyed most, students identified wiping down counters and serving macaroni and cheese and chili. For one student, the satisfaction of helping patients makes her efforts worthwhile.


"I like to do the turkey sandwiches and put sandwiches in the lunch boxes," says Jennifer Pojouha, one of the students in the Parker Transition Program. "I like helping and making the patients feel good with the food."


From the March 2011 issue of Your Health Your Hospital.

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