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Why Take Our Birth Classes?

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Maternity Classes

Why take our Birth Classes?

Our curriculum is designed with each member of your family in mind.  We have classes geared toward first time parents, second time parents and siblings.  Our classes are taught by skilled instructors with specialized training.

 When should I take classes?

You can take classes at any time in your pregnancy.  We recommend completing you childbirth classes four to six weeks prior to your due date.  Register early so you can make sure your selection of classes are available.

Where are the classes held?

Most classes are held at Littleton Adventist Hospital on the first floor in our conference rooms.  LAH is located at 7700 S. Broadway in Littleton.

What are my payment options?

Pre-payment is required at time of registration. If you are not able to pay by credit card, please call 303-738-2757 to make payment arrangements.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

Full or partial refunds are available for all classes depending on the time of cancellation.  If you need to cancel your class registration, please call 303-738-2757 as soon as possible.  Refunds can take up to four weeks for processing and mailing.

Classes fill up quickly. Pre-register today by calling 303-777-6877. Visit our Birth Classes and Education page to learn about our individual classes.

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